All you need to know about baby walkers

Published: 30th June 2010
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Planning to get a baby walker to help increase your child's mobility? Well, there are different opinions regarding the utility of baby walkers that must be kept in mind when making any such purchase, though some parents will swear by the baby walker.

1. According to physiotherapists, a baby walker could affect the child's ability to walk properly and it also interferes with the child's visual skills, since he or she will not be exploring the room in the same way as he or she would when crawling on the floor.
2. The extra height of the baby walker allows the child accessibility to things kept at a height. The child may hurt itself too.
3. Baby walkers tend to be unstable and may cause accidents like tumbling down stairs or over toys etc kept on the floor.

The baby walkers increase the child's mobility to a great extent and help the child to explore his surroundings and develop his motor skills to an extent in a secure manner but since there have been so many safety concerns voiced over the baby walker, in 2005 a new European Standard was published. So, if you are buying a baby walker check for the BS EN 1273:2005 standard on the new baby walkers. The new baby walkers are designed to move much more slowly, making them safer for the child. They are designed to stop if any of the wheels crosses over the edge of a step, to avoid any calamity.

Baby walkers come in various styles. For example, there is the infant walker in which the baby can sit and move around in a secure way. It may come with toys attached. Then there is the toddler walker in which the baby can hold on to the back, prop himself up and move around. These toddler walkers come in various forms like car, truck, animal shapes etc. The two - in - one walker offers you the dual advantage of baby walker cum rocker. It comes with an up down function with safety button and a foldable base for rocking purposes with a soft seat for baby to sit in.

Even the baby walker comes with its list of do's and don'ts. Buy a walker with height adjustment and it should be foldable for easy storage. Walkers with lights and sounds keep the child entertained. If you are buying a second hand baby walker, do check that it is manufactured in or after 2005. Never allow the child to bring the baby walker near the balcony, the stair case or the landing. It is always best to monitor the movement of the child when he or she is in the baby walker. Make the area or floor baby proof by removing all toys and other objects so that the child can move around freely without obstructions. Avoid using the baby walker on uneven ground like the garden etc and especially near a pool or pond. Do not use the baby walker near a fire area or radiators.

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